Family Photo Fun


My parents took my niece (Jazlyn) & nephew (Riley) out for an explore armed with their cameras yesterday morning. I decided to tag along with them.

Here is a selection of what we saw:

Swans 01Swans 02Swans 03Swans 04Swans 05Swans 06Swans 07Swans 08Swans 09Swans 10Swans 11Swans 12

We started near the Westside precinct of Lake Burley Griffin where we got to see those cute baby swans.

We then headed over the road towards the Nishi Building at the New Acton precinct.

Statue 01 Statue 02 Statue 03 Bird Art 01 Bird In Tree 01 Flower 01 Flower 02 Flower 03From there we went inside and around the Nishi Buidling.

Nishi 01 Nishi 02 Nishi 03 Nishi 04 Nishi 05 Nishi 06Pop 01Jazlyn by Riley 01

We then went to the top of the Westside Shipping container building thing to see what the view was like.

Westside 01 Westside 02 Westside 03 Westside 04

It was such a lovely winters morning and I enjoyed spending time with them all doing something quite different.

It was really interesting comparing our photos. They were all unique, despite us all taking pictures of the same subject.

Lake Shot 01 Lake SHot 02 Jazlyn by Grandma 01

Canberra is very photogenic – get out there and explore!


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