Road Trip Retreat


It’s the end of year and for once I wasn’t working, so I decided to head off on a short road trip.

Here are some pictures of what I saw.

Kangaroo Valley and surrounds.Around Kangaroo Valley 01 Around Kangaroo Valley 04 Around Kangaroo Valley 05 Around Kangaroo Valley 06 Around Kangaroo Valley 07Hampden Bridge 01Hampden Bridge 02

The Sea Cliff Bridge in Wollongong is quite amazing!Sea Cliff Bridge 01 Sea Cliff Bridge 06 Sea Cliff Bridge 08 Sea Cliff Bridge 07 Sea Cliff Bridge 02 Sea Cliff Bridge 09 Sea Cliff Bridge 03 Sea Cliff Bridge 04

A few pictures of historical Marulan.Marulan 01 Marulan 02 Marulan 03 Marulan 04

I covered only about 800 kilometres, but managed to fit a lot into the three days I was away.

I’m not in any hurry to get to my retirement, but hope to spend it driving around this beautiful country armed with my camera.  A true grey nomad!!


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