Magnificence In Madrid


My final destination in Spain was magnificent Madrid.

Four weeks had whizzed by very quickly and I felt sad that the end was approaching.

But there was no time to worry about it, I had a fantastic city to explore!

Madrid - Plaza Mayor 01 Madrid - Plaza Mayor 02

There were many wonderful places to see, but the absolute highlight for me was the vertical gardens, located next door to the CaixaForum.

Madrid - Vertical Garden 01 Madrid - Vertical Garden 02

It’s a remarkable spectacle to see!

Imagine the different views it would generate throughout the year with all the plants changing colours.  Truly amazing!

The CaixaForum had an unexpected treat inside – an exhibition entitled “Pixar: 25 Years of Animation”.

Madrid - Pixar Exhibit at CaixaForum

That is the only photo I was able to take, as photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibition.

I found it quite unusual that photography was also not permitted inside the Royal Palace (The Palacio Real de Madrid).

Madrid - Royal Palace 01 Madrid - Royal Palace 02

Had I known beforehand that you weren’t supposed to take photos inside, I may not have bothered paying 10 € to go in.

I found it very ostentatious and quite ugly.

I managed to get three pictures before being scolded by a security guard.

Madrid - Royal Palace 03 - Three Pics

Another glorious area of Madrid was the Parque de El Retiro, or Park of the Pleasant Retreat.

It’s a massive area devoted to beautiful gardens and buildings.

I especially loved the Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal), built in 1887 to exhibit flora and fauna from the Philippines.

It is now used for art exhibits, organised through the Reina Sofia Museum.

Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 01 Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 02 Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 03 Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 04 Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 06 - turtles Madrid - Palacio de Cristal 07

Take some time to sit down inside if you get the chance, it’s beautiful.

Also located in the park is a monument to King Alfonso XII.

Madrid - Monumento Alfonso XII 01 Madrid - Monumento Alfonso XII 02

I also took a few pictures as I meandered around the streets of Madrid, making the most of my last few days in Spain.

Madrid - Puerta del Sol Bear Madrid - Puerta del Sol Kilometre Zero Madrid - Street Shot 01 Madrid - Street Shot 02 Madrid - Street Shot 04 Madrid - Street Shot 05 Madrid - Street Shot 06 Madrid - Street Shot 07 Madrid - Street Shot 08

I highly recommend a visit to Spain – it has become one of my all time favourite countries. In my top 5, easily.

It is a wonderful part of the world, and I look forward to a return visit, or as I said in post about gorgeous Granada, to retiring there someday.

Thank you Spain, you were grand!

Madrid - Gargoyle on Fountain


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