Stunning Seville


The final leg of the driving portion in Spain took me from Málaga to Seville.

It was very hot when I got there, perfect for an explore!

Seville 06 Seville 07 Seville 01 Seville 02 Seville 03 Seville 04Seville 08

There are many areas to go for an explore, and I thought the Real Alcázar was beautiful.

The buildings look amazing, as do the huge garden areas.

They obviously care greatly for the gardens all across Spain. They’re just perfect.

Seville - Alcazar 01 Seville - Alcazar 02 Seville - Alcazar 03 Seville - Alcazar 04 Seville - Alcazar 05 Seville - Alcazar 06 Seville - Alcazar 07 Seville - Alcazar 08

Another stunning site in Seville is the Metropol Parasol, a wonderfully bizarre building in the old quarter.

Best described as a forest of mushrooms welded onto a flying waffle, it claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world.

Seville - Parasol 01 Seville - Parasol 02 Seville - Parasol 03 Seville - Parasol 04 Seville - Parasol 05 Seville - Parasol 06 Seville - Parasol 07 Seville - Parasol 08 Seville - Parasol 09 Seville - Parasol 10

The views from the top provide a great way to look over the city!

I had only two nights in Seville before catching a train to my final stop, Madrid.

Seville 05


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