Málaga – A Beautiful Old City


The drive to Málaga is an exceptional one.

Heading along the coastal highway offered chances to see hillside towns looking towards the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately there was nowhere to pull over to get any photos!

Málaga’s history spans about 2,800 years, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world.

Malaga - View 01

Once again I got around on foot. The walk to the top of Mount Gibralfaro is hard work, especially in the heat of the day, but the view is certainly worth the effort.

The Gibralfaro Castle is also worth a visit, along with the Alcazaba of Málaga.

Malaga - Alcazabar 01 Malaga - Alcazabar 02 Malaga - Alcazabar 03

The garden areas of Málaga are beautiful and well maintained, as they are throughout Spain. Sitting and admiring them was a favourite part of my trip.

Malaga - Gardens 01

The beachfront is another fantastic spot to sit and enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun.

Malaga - Beachfront 01 Malaga - Beachfront 02 Malaga - Cyclists 01 Malaga - Waterfront Walkway

Another delight in Málaga is the amazing street art.

Most cities have street art of some kind, but I found the examples here absolutely brilliant!

Malaga - Street Art 01 Malaga - Street Art 02 Malaga - Street Art 03

I had only two nights here, and wished for more.  But it was time to head to the next city – Seville…


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