Gorgeous Granada


Granada is simply gorgeous. It was my favourite stop during the four weeks I spent in Spain.

This post will have many photos, as I fell in love with the city and couldn’t help but take hundreds of pics!

Granada - Snowy Mountains 01 Granada - Snowy Mountains 02 Granada - Snowy Mountains 03

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada looks grand. In every direction there is a magnificent view.

The Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín are stunning monuments of days gone by.

As well as being beautiful to look at, the Alhambra has a fascinating history.

Granada - Alhambra 01 Granada - Alhambra 02 Granada - Alhambra 03 Granada - Alhambra 04 Granada - Alhambra 05 Granada - Alhambra 06 Granada - Alhambra 07

Walking around Granada was a sheer delight.  Beautiful cobblestone streets, intricate old buildings and splendid gardens bursting with colour, with the onset of spring, brought a smile to my face at every turn.

Granada - Flowers 01 Granada - Building 02 Granada - Building 03 Granada - Building 04 Granada - Building 05 Granada - Building 06 Granada - Building 07 Granada - Building 08 Granada - Building 09 Granada - Flowers 02

Every day there was something new to see and explore. Each morning I’d set off to investigate a certain area and would end up getting lost (happily) in the back streets, chatting with locals, eating food and drinking merrily.

Granada - Backstreet Markets 01 Granada - Street 01 Granada - Street 02 Granada - Street 03 Granada - Street 04 Granada - Street 05 Granada - Street 06 Granada - Street 07 Granada - Beer and Monument 01

Walking was an ideal way to get around. I highly recommend getting to the Alhambra by foot just to see the surrounds as you go.

Granada - City View 02 Granada - City View 01 Granada - Alhambra Elevated Castle 01 Granada - Alhambra Elevated Castle 02

Once at the Alhambra, you get a chance to look back over to the Albayzín, which is also beautiful.

Granada -  At Alhambra 01 (View of Sacromonte) Granada -  At Alhambra 02 (View of Sacromonte) Granada -  At Alhambra 03 (View of Sacromonte) Granada -  At Alhambra 04 Granada -  At Alhambra 05 Granada -  At Alhambra 06 Granada -  At Alhambra 07 Granada -  At Alhambra 08

Then you can also take a leisurely walk back down into town with even more stunning views.

Granada - Walking Down From Alhambra 01 Granada - Walking Down From Alhambra 02 Granada - Walking Down From Alhambra 03

As I said – I fell in love with Granada. I have been telling everyone that I intend to retire there someday.

From the moment I arrived I knew I was in for something special. Even the view from the airport tarmac was spectacular!

Granada - Airport 01 Granada - Airport 02

Our plane was the only one there when we arrived!

Granada is a special place that I will always remember with fondness.

Granada - Bubbles

After 6 nights I jumped into a hire car and headed off into the mountains towards the next stop – Órgiva.


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