Enlighten 2014


It’s my turn to post pictures from Enlighten Canberra, 2014.

It would have to be one of the most photographed events Canberra has on offer.

So many people turn up, armed with multiple cameras, phones, and tablets to capture stills of buildings illuminated in such a wonderful and engaging way.

Here’s what I captured…

Enlighten 2014 - 01 Enlighten 2014 - 02 Enlighten 2014 - 03 Enlighten 2014 - 04 Enlighten 2014 - 05

The National Library (above) is my favourite building to get the Enlighten treatment. Its shape and form lends itself well to being a canvas.

The National Gallery also looked spectacular this year with images from the current exhibition “Gold and The Incas: Lost Worlds of Peru” projected onto it’s walls.

Enlighten 2014 - 06 Enlighten 2014 - 07 Enlighten 2014 - 08 Enlighten 2014 - 09

Old Parliament House was very curious this year. The projections here were wildly eclectic and humorous.

Enlighten 2014 - 10Enlighten 2014 - 11

It’s an event I look forward to each year because there are many people taking photos.

Enlighten 2014 - 13

It’s great to see how people capture the same event differently than you.

Check out Martin Ollman’s post here.

Twitter also has some amazing images too, and I really like this one by Mark Moore…

And this nice shot by Craig McDonald…

Do yourself a favour and do a search on the tweet and instantgram type social sites.  You’ll find many beautiful images.

#Enlighten #CanberraEnlighten 2014 - 12 Enlighten 2014 - 14



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